136: Visitors, Customers, and Guests, part 2

This is part 2 of Visitors , Customers, and Guests.
Today, I am talking about our schools not other organizations.
Have you ever taken a close look at your school to observe how people are greeted and treated?
We have people who help people. We have people who greet people. We have people who talk with people. This means that there is the potential for a huge problem to be ignited by one little interaction or spark.
Does your staff think of visitors as problems to get rid of as quickly as possible or do they make people feel good about stepping through your front door or calling? Well, do you know? If not, you need to make time to figure this out. It is necessary to make sure that they know what you want them to say and do. Don’t assume that it is understood.
I hope that you will take my pledge and seek to make sure that your staff understands their role when they meet and greet guests. You will love that you did and your community will be thankful.

Length: 18:03

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