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Carrie Baughcum is a self-described inspiration junkie, idea spreader, and learning enthusiast! Most importantly, she is a passionate believer that all children can learn, we just need to find out how.

Baughcum is currently the 6th, 7th and 8th-grade Extended Resource Special Education class in Arlington Heights School District 25. In her classroom, Carrie integrates technology, creative thinking, a fearless attitude, the power of gamification and endless doodles to enable her students to access information and materials, enhance their learning and empower them to achieve things they never knew they could do or be a part of.

Carrie is also the mother of two daughters, 9 and 11 years old. At home, she encourages them to explore, learn and try anything their imagination can think up. She works hard to create and involve them in activities and experiences with exploration, creativity, problem-solving and making.

She shares her experiences from her classroom, adventures, experiences and time with her husband and daughters with other at conferences and at

Shared by Carrie:


Matt - How to get parents on board with your big changes Kasey - How to Differentiate Assignments in Google Classroom


  • Kevin White, The Learning Choice Academy in California, wrote in:
    • Matt, I love your site! Need to spruce mine up. I like the new Google Sites (been using Classic Google Sites), but it seems a bit limited. What do you use for your Ditch That Textbook site? Did you design it yourself? I hope you do not mind, I will be presenting and sharing some of your blogs at our next teacher tech training in Feb! Keep up the good work, I find your passion for educational technology to be exuberant!
  • Tracey Nangle, ELA/Geography teacher, North Smithfiled Schools in Slatersville, RI
  • Keturah Rush, Monticello School District in Monticello, AR
  • Thank You Pam Q for your 5-star iTunes review!
    • This podcast was easy to listen to: clear, concise and useful for teachers and administrators. Kasey and Matt include current information for any educator who is integrating technology in their classrooms and schools. Can't wait for the next episode!

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