128: The Reading Intervention Toolkit with author Laura Robb



Laura Robb is an author, teacher, and coach and speaker. 

She has more than 40 years of teaching in grades 4-8.

She has written more than 25 books on literacy.

Today, we are talking about her book The Reading Intervention Toolkit.

Check out my review of The Reading Intervention Toolkit.




This book will help you understand how to address the reading challenges of your students.

It is designed for the classroom teacher to quickly put strategies for reading intervention immediately into place in the classroom. 

It is easy to read and understand.




Laura believes that addressing the reading challenges of the kids is probably one of the most important steps a teacher can take to increasing student achievement and success in content areas.

This book was written for the practitioner. It will help you move your kids forward. 




Listen to my review of Laura’s The Reading Intervention Toolkit


Connect with Laura and find out more:

Laura’s Website

Here is my YouTube Review about The Reading Intervention Toolkit by Laura

My interview with Laura about her book Vocabulary is Comprehension

Shell Education phone number for ordering multiple copies 1-800-858-7339 ext 169

Shell Education’s Website to find out more about The Reading Intervention Toolkit

Take a look at The Reading Intervention Toolkit by Laura (Amazon)

Here is a link to Laura’s foundation

Take a look at Vocabulary is Comprehension by Laura Robb

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