Pushing the Edge Joins EPN

Pushing the Edge is for you if you're passionate about making a difference. If you love nothing more than thinking and working outside the box - making change happen especially on the social justice front - then you're in the right place. Join Greg Curran, as he chats with educators who are pushing the edges of innovation and social justice in their schools and communities.

You'll learn how to: navigate the bumps along the way, get buy-in from your colleagues and community, challenge the 'business as usual', and bring change to fruition. Plus, we'll fuel you for the drive with plenty of inspiration along the way. Find show notes and resources at: PushingTheEdge.org

About Greg Curran, Host

As an educator with 29 years’ experience, Greg Curran has a passion for change and innovation especially where it advances social justice in education.

With a Ph.D. in education along with counseling and coaching qualifications, Curran has made it his business to understand change and innovation at a theoretical and practical level.

Greg has held leadership and co-ordination roles, having lead education reform at a policy, curriculum, and staff development level.

Innovation has been a key aspect of his teaching, presenting, research, and writing within the Education sector.

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