124: 5 Tips to Get Refreshed and Recharged During the Day


Does your energy ever just leave you?

Do you feel tired and in need of and extra burst of energy?

Well, there are ways that you get an extra burst of energy and it doesn’t require putting an excessive dose of caffeine in your body.

You would be amazed at what simple activities can get you that refreshed and recharged feel.

Not only that but give you a great attiyude adjustment.

Suddenly you are ready to take on the world.

By the way these tricks also have side benefits, your co-workers and students will notice.




Here are my 5 Tips to get Refreshed and Recharged During the Day:

1. Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste and use them. Fresh breath. New outlook. The students will be glad to know that you know longer have coffee breath.

2. Take the next step with the mouth…use mouthwash! Oh, yeah! Minty fresh and ready to take on the world. Not only that but easy to use multiple times a day and plus your dentist will thank you because you killing the bacteria that are bad for your gums and teeth.

3. Bring anti-perspirant or deoderant and use it. It adds a positive fragrance. Removes sweat odors. Makes you feel fresh. Add on top of that an a new t-shirt or undergarment especially one that has the familiar sweet smell of your dryer sheets or detergent and you could have enough energy for two more days.

4. Use shaving cream and a razor or facial clensers. There is nothing more refreshing than lathering up and then running a quick razor over your face. It leaves you fresh and tingling. Yep. Ready to take on the world. Facial clensers do the same. Plus you get rid of that dirt and oil that is building up on your face.

5. Use bath gel and a towel. Now, I am not suggesting taking a bath or shower (If you are at a high school get to know the coaches so that you might be able to use a shower once in awhile.), but I am suggesting that you lather up your face, scrub it with warm or cool water, and feel that new life flooding back into your body!!!!




These five techniques for refreshing and recharging work. You just have to bring the tools and use them. 

They will help you feel better and have the added benefit of keeping you pleasant to be around and work with.




My favorite benefit though is that it provides an opportunity for an attitude adjustment.

Think about it.

Try these 5 Tips out.

You will find yourself refreshed and recharged.



Length: 19:56

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12 http://ift.tt/2hMThKP

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