Ep19 bonus - Aidan Prewett's insights for Media teachers & Filmmakers

This is an additional part of the conversation with Aidan Prewett, filmmaker and teacher. See SFTL Ep18 for the full discussion. • 0:00 Aidan’s film, “A Venue for the End of the World” and how it started Watch trailer: https://youtu.be/JccZTTlLfJQ • 5:45 Filmmaking tenacity: How long it took to make his feature doco • 7:00 Archival discoveries • 9:00 How did you sift through the mountains of footage? • 11:20 Most fascist dictators have beards :) • 11:45 Running the Oakleigh SC TV station • 18:00 Quick tips for setting up a school media studio • 20:45 When short films ‘disappear’ from being online • 23:30 Distribution, from Aidan’s filmmaker point of view • 28:30 Richard’s hope for fair exchange of short films online • 29:00 The collaborative art of filmmaking: friends, partners, networks — surprising access to the big names in music & film • 35:00 Juggling roles - being a father, filmmaker and teacher • 37:45 Contentment: teaching is not a ‘second best’

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