Core in the Morning Explorations in the Afternoon with Dana Evans Transformative Principal 150


Dana Evans Twitter is the principal of Barnette Magnet School in Fairbanks, AK.

  • 3 hours of uninterrupted core math and ELA.
  • explorations in the afternoon.
  • Science, social studies, math, spanish, technology fine arts, extended learning program, etc.
  • Explorations Class Catalog
  • Explorations classes are 9 weeks for three each. Some are year long, some are semester long.
  • Student choice enhances student engagement.
  • Relationships deepen because of looping.
  • Afternoon can be something that students really engage in because they choose it.
  • Magnet school using the same
  • Magnet is the explorations that bring students and families to the school.
  • Lottery system to determine who goes to Barnette.
  • Envision Math and GoMath.
  • Explorations are multi-age in bands.
  • Science and social studies checklists to make sure they get what they need.
  • 416 students, 20 part time students. Have an additional secretary who does all the scheduling.
  • How to deal with endorsements for teachers teaching explorations.
  • How to deal with contractural obligations like prep time.
  • How are class sizes affected by this schedule?
  • Students each lunch in their rooms.
  • Each teacher has 2 explorations to teach in the afternoon.
  • Class sizes are 20–25 for core classes. Class sizes are a little smaller in explorations

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