120: Infinity Systems with Del Johnson


Del Johnson is the Director of Business Development with Infinity Systems Inc.

Del successfully ran the college and career center for Minneapolis Public Schools, leading to the implementation of district-wide Career Centers. He also has an extensive background in sales, real estate and success working with school administration teams.

Art Johnson is the CEO of Infinity Systems. Check out these articles by Art - Aligning an Organization Requires an Effective Leader and How to Get Employees to Align with the Company’s Mission


Today, I am talking with Del about what Infinity Systems is all about and how it helps organizations become aligned. At the end of the shownotes check out a series of links to several YouTube videos which highlight a school system superintendent who explains what it was like working with Infinity Systems and what the team does.

Infinity Systems is a management consulting firm. They have been working with organizations for over 20 years.


They help identify misalignment and give leaders actionable insights.

Listen to a School System Superintendent talk about Infinity Systems.

Why is Alignment important in Education?

Why do we measure Leadership?

What critical questions does Orgametrics™ answer in Education?

Does Orgametrics™ work?

How does Orgametrics™ empower your employees to carry out the mission?


To learn more contact Del:


or call him at 612-819-3940

You can find out more about Infinity Systems at the website:

Infinity Systems

Also, go to their YouTube Channel:

Infinity Systems on YouTube



Length: 27:56

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