119: Six Procedural Systems You Should Have in Place in Your Classroom Now


 Ok, so this was the year that you were going to get everything together. You were going to overcome your problems of not keeping up. You were going to be better organized.



Do you create piles for your piles?

You know what I am talking about…don’t you?

You have to emake yourself feel better so you spilt the pile up to make it look smaller. Yeah. This was the year that you were going to stop that.

Are you a perpetual pile producer? Hmmm?




To stay on top of what you do in the classroom, you need to have procedural systems in place that will help you make your teaching easier. Here are 6 systems that you need to have in place in your classroom. They will make your life easier and the kids will know how you want them to do things.

6 Organizational Procedures You Need to Have in Place Today.

  1. Collecting work
  2. Handing work back
  3. Welcome back to class (The kid has been absent)
  4. Accounting for all netbooks or laptops or tablets
  5. Keeping track of class supplies
  6. Substitute folder



So, ask yourself, “Do I have these procedures in place and have they become routine?

Here are some additional resources that will help you with getting organized.

Take care.

By the way, there is no better time to start than now and today. Don’t put it off. You will thank you for getting these 6 Systems in Place.


Additional Resources

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