066: Celebrating seniors and crushing scholarships

Adriane Hanes is an amazing educator. She has worked as a college counselor Marian Catholic HS, a coordinator for the academic center and IB program at Morgan Park, and as a counselor at Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep in Chicago, IL.
Last year she helped less than 200 students earn over $26 million in scholarships.
Highlights from the episode:
  • What an awesome college experience looks like
  • People first attitude and how to form relationships
  • Sometimes people just want to be heard
  • What principals can do to connect with staff
  • Are you watching what people don’t do or don’t say?
  • Take time for yourself
  • The key steps she took to help ~200 students earn more than $26 million in scholarship awards
  • Measure and provide incentives through healthy competition
  • How to celebrate Seniors through College Signing Day
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