Parent Advocates: Interview With Jennifer Kadar of SimplyKinder


Today we interview Jennifer Kadar, the creator of Simply Kinder. She believes kindergarten can be academic, developmentally appropriate, an fun! The focus of Simply Kinder is making the lives of people who work with early learners easier and their instruction more effective. She believes that teachers are the heart of the classroom, sharing the classroom culture through their interactions and lessons they plan! You can follow Jennifer on Instagram, Facebook, her Facebook Group, and Pinterest

Jennifer's own son has reading difficulties, and in the podcast, she will discuss her own personal journey to give him the best education possible. One of the things that helps her son is logic and strategy games. We've developed a "Match It!" strategy game packet that includes 10 games based on an algorithm that ensures one and only one match will be on every pair of cards. You can use these strategy games to practice the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and sights words, as well as strategy games. We truly hope these games will help your struggling readers build their ability to teach strategically.

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