70- Bonus Edition: Interview with Katherine Reddick

Katherine is an Elementary School Principal with 17 years in public education. Her personal experience is truly powerful, and against all odds, she overcame huge obstacles and now works with children every day as an educator. Katherine released a book this spring ("Access Denied-A Woman’s Journey to Access the American Dream") that gives deeper insight into her life growing up in foster care and how, as an adult, she's working to stop child abuse and reform the foster care system. She has previously appeared on The View and HuffPost Live after she wrote an obituary about her abusive mother.


Trust is the most important thing you can do in education
Every child is different
My teachers are my mentors
A sense of belonging is critical
Self determination to get better
Unite and help our kids!

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Website - http://www.saveus2.com/
Email- katherinereddick@yahoo.com
GoodReads - http://ift.tt/2dI3NzS
Amazon - http://ift.tt/2e6qH6w
Barnes and Noble - http://ift.tt/2dI2Bwa
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