117: Casey M. Bethel - 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year


Casey M. Bethel is a science teacher in Douglasville, Georgia at New Manchester High School. 

He is also the 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year!!!! 
Wait until you hear his passion for teaching and working with kids!
You will be inspired.
Casey loves teaching! He enjoys working with kids! 
He didn’t start out to be a teacher. 

He was always told that he should be a doctor and he focused on that career field first. 
It didn’t keep his attention. 

The medical pathway didn’t seem to be fulfilling.
His search led him to science which led him to teach science in a high school.
Mr. Bethel loves learning. He is a role model for constantly seeking to understand and know more.
During the summer he works in the Georgia Tech GIFT program. 
You will love listening to him describe his experiences!
Casey is an amazing educator who will win you over with his passion and his warm and caring heart!
I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Mr. Bethel and I know you will be inspired by his thoughts and words.

Stay in touch with Casey:
Twitter @2017GATOTY
Instagram @2017GATOTY

Facebook- GATeacher

Email Casey at 2017GATOTY@gmail.com

Call Casey at (404)-697-5417

Check out more information about the GIFT program at Georgia Tech.

Here is Casey’s school.
New Manchester HS

Length: 34:16

from Teaching Learning Leading K-12 http://ift.tt/2fv0grd

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