063: Learn how to LeadUp with Jeff Veal & Nathan Lang

The Dynamic Duo is here! Jeff Veal & Nathan Lang join me on the show to discuss the idea behind starting #leadupchat 7 LeadUpNow.

#Leadupchat is my favorite Twitter chat. It happens every single Saturday 8:30-9:30 am CST.

Show Highlights

  • why every educator needs a voice
  • how to empower educators on their campus
  • what’s next for LeadUp
  • people are hungry for connection
  • do your people feel valued, loved, cared for, heard?
  • focus on value not numbers
  • importance of community
  • the power of “YES"
  • go ahead and work 24/7 … you still won’t get it all done
  • stick with your true north
  • people don’t need your next great idea … celebrate what is happening right now!


LeadUpNow Website

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Multipliers - Liz Wiseman
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