60: Bonus Edition- Interview with Kristin Houser

Kristin Houser was a classroom teacher for 7 years before transitioning into an instructional coaching position at her same school for the past 5 years. She started a blog at mshouser.com, which will be going into it’s 6th year and serves over 7,000 coaches and teacher leaders. She is the creator of the Time & ToDo Planner, a planner made especially for educators and other busy professionals.
A quick word from Kristin herself:
"You don’t have to be in administration or leave the classroom to move up on the educational career ladder or become an “official leader.” Teachers have an opportunity every day to be leaders in their classroom through the work they do with students, and more importantly what they share with others. Share what you know, your views, your work. Start a blog! Pursue a hybrid teaching/coaching role! Share your thoughts and resources on Twitter and connect with others! One of the most important characteristics of leaders is the desire to support and empower others.

I really believe in teacher sustainability and want ambitious teachers to pursue masterful work and leadership through the work they do in classrooms, without necessarily the aim of administration or leaving the classroom. We need strong and motivated classroom teachers."

Take your job seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously
Do the best you can with what you know
Great educators are on a constant quest to get better
Be bold and take risks

Kristin's Stamp of Approval

Growth Mindset
Feedly app
Education Magazine

Ed leadership


The Together Leader by Maia Heyck-Merlin


Better Leaders, Better Schools by Daniel Bower
Empowering Educators by Gretchen Bridgers
Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn
Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson

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