55: Bonus Edition- Interview with Mandy Taylor

Mandy has a degree in Education. She has spent seventeen years in the classroom, grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade. She recently transitioned out of the classroom into an Instructional Coaching position and has a passion for literacy, a love for learning, and a fascination with public speaking. She also has become a Teacher Consultant with the Central Texas Writing Project where she also serves on the Leadership Board. Her belief statement relates to relationships, humor, authenticity, and love. She's a very connected educator through Twitter, Voxer, and Google.

Coaches are in a weird purgatory- where's my identity?
With teaching, the stakes are always high
Listen, Listen, Listen
It's not about me. It's about what is best for kids.
What can my impact be?
Even tasteful leopard can be executed professionally
Equal parts accountability and follow up
Find your people/tribe/PLN...we all want to connect with somebody
Take your passion and make it happen
The space between....

Mandy's Stamp of Approval

Better Conversations - Jim Knight (@JimKnight99 on Twitter)
Focus on Teaching- Jim Knight
 The Art of Coaching - Elena Aguilar
Crucial Conversations- Patterson and Grenny
Fierce Conversations- Susan Scott
How the Way we Talk can Change the Way we Work- Kegan and Lahey
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking- Susan Cain


Your Instructional Coach - Eric Sandberg, Instructional Coach
Buzzing with Ms B- Chrissy B, Literacy Coach
Ms. Houser- Kristin Houser, Instructional Coach (suggested by Gretchen)




Passion Planner by Angelia Trinidad

Connect with Mandy

Blog: Taylor-Made Teaching
Facebook: TaylorMadeTeaching
Twitter: @mandymtaylor
Instagram: taylormadeteaching
YouTube: Mandy Taylor
TpT: Taylor-made-Teaching

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