Kindergarten Kiosk Joins The Education Podcast Network

Kindergarten Kiosk is hosted by Lindsey Jarman and her mother Kathy Crane, both Kindergarten teachers.

When Lindsey decided to become a teacher, she wanted to teach something different than her mother and started out in 4th and then moved to 1st, but Kindergarten was calling her, and when Lyndsey had an opportunity to do so, she switched to Kindergarten.

After making the move Lyndsey noticed how sparse the professional development was. Her district had excellent development opportunities, but it was all tailored to upper elementary teachers--there was little said about the developmental needs of young children and appropriate teaching strategies.

About Kindergarten Kiosk

Kindergarten Kiosk is a resource for teachers of the early primary student, where proper attention is given to the very best practices for the teaching of young children.

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