031: Get rid of buy-in & replace it with ____ with Ken Williams

Better Leaders Better Schools guest Ken Williams has a message of motivation and success for your audience! His inspiring and engaging style will make your entire organization shift into high-gear. Collaboratively, professionally and personally!
For nearly two decades, Ken Williams has studied what makes achievers different. He knows what motivates them, what drives them, and what inspires them. Ken brings this critical and practical insight to your organization in a way that is timely, engaging and relevant.
As an nationally recognized speaker and trainer in team and individual peak performance strategies, Ken delivers his innovative, engaging and powerful  universal breakthrough principles to enthusiastic audiences around throughout the  US and Canada.
In this episode you will learn:
  • What kind of coach are you?
  • Importance of core purpose and shared mission
  • High ceilings / soft floors philosophy
  • Are you clear on why your school exists?
  • What do you seek to become as a school?
  • Get rid of buy-in and replace it with ____________.
  • Why planning time is sacred
  • Where to get PLC velcro (hint: it's not at Target!)
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