From Dropout to Doctor with Kara Four Bear Transformative Principal 108

Kara is an assistant principal at Edwin Lowe Elementary in New Town North Dakota.

  • Grew up Cheyenne-Sioux South Dakota.
  • Foster education.
  • Emancipated as a young adult.
  • Knew what it took to survive in life.
  • Dropped out of High School.
  • Started school again in her 20s.
  • Life on the reservation due to socio-economic and other issues.
  • She saw the world starting to pass her by.
  • Writing a paragraph sounds so simple to most people, but it is very difficult if you haven’t done it in 14 years.
  • Working on a Doctorate.
  • So much to give back now to others.
  • No student cannot succeed when they have the resources to be successful.
  • Uncle was a good mentor.
  • Making connections instructors.
  • Not being afraid to ask questions that were on my mind.
  • Most people want to help others.
  • You have to be open to saying “I don’t know”
  • You have to be reflective.
  • Be reflective in your successes.
  • Need to relax, slow down, and wait for things to happen.
  • Felt drawn back to the reservation.
  • Groomed to teach in Bismarck, but felt that working on a reservation would be more appropriate.
  • Throw-away kids - Kara wants to advocate for them.

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