024: Networking, Masterminds, & Conferences. Tips 16-18 with Dan & Iby

Better Leaders Better Schools Episode 24 is a special episode brought to you by Dan and Iby.  The guys discuss Tips 16-18 from the hugely successful “200 Tips for Effective School Leaders."
In this episode you will learn:
  • the importance of networking
  • how to find a mentor currently doing what you want to be doing
  • the difference between a tribe and a mastermind
  • why you should join a mastermind today
  • give to give mentality
  • Daniel’s experience in masterminds
  • how masterminds help you accomplish goals
  • the role of masterminds in education
  • would you rather research for 72 hours or get the same answer in 1 hour?
  • why you must attend conferences
  • ILT strategy
Tribes by Seth Godin
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