SUMMER BLAST #1 – The World Has Changed, What Now? with Shane Saeed

Hello everyone and welcome to Teach Me, Teacher’s SUMMER BLAST of inspiration! I cannot express how excited, pumped, and inspired I am right now for next year, and I want you to join me and my AMAZING guests in our quest to bring some positivity into the teaching world.

Today, I have brought back one of my favorite people on earth, Shane Saeed (@fantasticallyfourth) to discuss how the world has changed, and what this means for her year coming up.

Shane was previously featured on episodes 106 and 107 of the podcast where she discussed flexible seating, and today she is discussing the effects of Covid, the need for a more equitable curriculum, and the need to serve our students’ social/emotional needs, regardless of if we are digital, in person, or something in between. Shane is one of the top tier teachers of Instagram, combining her eye for style and her grounding in deep, research based pedagogy. 

If you are in need of something positive or some inspiration, this episode with Shane Saeed and this summer series is for you! And better yet, we are releasing two episodes every week for the rest of the summer!

Stay tuned and enjoy!

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This episode is sponsored by Heinemann—the leading publisher of professional books and resources for educators—and their professional book, Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension by Sara K. Ahmed.

Topics such as race, gender, politics, religion, and sexuality are part of students’ lives, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to respond as teachers when these subjects come up at school. You probably have stories of your own about situations or conversations that caught you off guard or made you feel uncomfortable.

Being the Change is based on the idea that people can develop skills and habits to help them in the comprehension of social issues. Sara provides clear lessons to help teach about important social comprehension concepts.

You can create a socially minded classroom where you explore identity and diversity, build listening skills, understand and address bias, become better informed, and more… first with yourself and your peers, and then with students.

Being the Change is available as a book, ebook, and audiobook. To learn more visit



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