#170 Does the Literary Canon Normalize Whiteness? with Jacqueline Stallworth (pt.1)

Hello everyone! Welcome to part one of the season finale of Teach Me, Teacher SEASON FOUR! What!? My mind is blown. But not more blown than during my talk with the amazing Jacqueline Stallworth!

I first met Jacqueline at an AP training at Texas Christian University, and was blown away by her clear and compassionateImagemessage about the literary canon and why we should consider re-examining it again. It took awhile for our schedules to sync up to get her on the podcast, but we finally did it for the season finale!

In this episode we discuss:

  1. The purpose of the literary canon 
  2. Student choice in what they read
  3. Personal literary canons
  4. And asks if the literary canon normalizes whiteness

…and much much more.

This episode will challenge you to think critically about the bastions of English, and I hope invite you to be a part of even more talks that improve our craft and purpose in the classroom.


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