#168 Systematic Inequality with Dr. Anindya Kundu (pt.1)

Hello everyone! Today I have a special episode for you. We are discussing systematic inequality in America, and how it is not only affecting our communities and students, but what teachers SPECIFICALLY can do about it.

To help us navigate these complex issues, I have brought on Dr. Anindya Kundu, a sociologist who currently serves as a Senior Fellow at The City University of New York (CUNY).

Dr. Kundu brings his sharp insight to the podcast to discuss his unique work on the fallacy of grit, and how just telling people to “work harder” is ignoring one of the biggest factors that plays into a persons ability to succeed—the supports they receive actively or passively.

In this talk we: 

  1. Define systematic inequality and grit 
  2. Examine underlying systems that fail students who struggle 
  3. Begin unpacking the unique role teachers can play in fixing the issues plaguing our schools and communities

You do not want to miss this vastly important episode. I learned a lot, and you will too. And one you are done listening (or right now), check out Dr. Kundu’s latest book The Power of Student Agency: Looking Beyond Grit to Close the Achievement Gapdue out on July 10th.

Dr. Anindya (@KunduPhD) | Twitter



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