Learning with Drones, Drones in Education, & Studying for the FAA Part 107 Written Exam

Welcome to the Learning with Drones Podcast with Heather Monthie, educator, technologist, pilot, and STEM education advocate.

This is the very first episode of the Learning with Drones Podcast.

I’ve learned a lot about podcasting, internet marketing, SEO, and more over the past 2 years of the podcast and YouTube channel. I am going to share with you a bit about where we’re going in this episode.

I recently took a course in my local community about marketing which has helped me to figure out what it is that you, the listener has really enjoyed hearing about.

Over the past 2 years, there have been 2 topics that have really stood out as your favorite topics that I put out there:

  1. The professional development side of being successful at a career in STEM. (The professional skills required). A few months ago, I really thought this was the way I was going with the podcast. It’s a topic I enjoy talking about and it seems to be very popular. Some of you who have been listening for a while may remember me talking about how this was the direction I was going with the podcast.

The other topic that’s been very popular on my blog and YouTube channel is drones.

BTW – I have the full version of each episode of this podcast on my YouTube channel. I do this so that those who need the closed-captions can also enjoy the podcast episodes. If you know someone who may like this podcast, but needs the closed-captions, make sure you share my YouTube channel with them.

2. Drones, drone programming, drones and cybersecurity, drones in education, and the business of drones has been the other really popular topic since I started blogging and my YouTube channel.

I haven’t talked much about drones on the podcast since that’s really been a topic that I have saved for my blog and YouTube channel. But when
I looked at the analytics across everything: my blog, podcast, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Google Analytics, this was the topic that was the most searched for and the most viewed!

So, I thank you for your patience as I have been embarking on this whole new world of understanding how internet marketing works and the analytics behind the scenes!

I’ve decided to rename the podcast the Learning with Drones podcast. I will still be sharing research-based topics around using drones in the classroom, drone programming, cybersecurity, and business. We’re just going to focus down the topic of the podcast a bit more narrowly to help more of you learn about drones in education, technology, and business.

I did a literature search just on drones in education and found so much stuff that I get to share with you. I am excited about this re-focus and I hope that you’ll come along with me!

In February, 2020 I the FAA Part 107 written exam (US) scored a 95. Since my commercial pilot certificate is not current under part 61 (my CFI is current though), I needed to take the exam since I will be flying outdoors (mostly for my YouTube channel!)

I also made a YouTube video and blog post where I share all the free resources the FAA provides you to study for the exam.

I pulled the audio from the video for you to listen to here. The FAA part 107 exam is pertinent to those of us in the US only, but even if you’re in another country, these are great resources for you to learn more about drones.


I also have a YouTube video explaining the FAA’s ruling on drones in education you can watch here:


Happy Flying! 🙂

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