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Welcome to 2020! If you listened to my last podcast episode, you knew it was time for me to rebrand the podcast to fit more of the message shared. I am so very pleased to announce the beginning of the STEMpowered Trailblazers podcast. This podcast is all about personal and professional success for STEM educators, STEM professionals, and those who are studying to start their STEM based careers. 

Starting with this newly re-branded podcast, I want to share how the format will change a bit. 

First, I started a weekly email newsletter that I call STEM + EdTech Weekly on Wednesday. Every Wednesday, I send out a round up of about 5 different resources I find on the internet that I think you might like. The could be books, podcasts, wikis, GitHub accounts, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. Really anything I come across that I think is interesting. You can sign up to receive this email right in your inbox here.

Then, I want to share a few of those resources here on the podcast, so we’ll start each episode sharing a few of these and I’ll discuss how I’ve used it or how I think it might be used.

The second part of each episode will be a personal or professional development topic related to the STEM fields. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I never intended for my podcast to become a technical how-to tutorial so I will be saving that type of content for my YouTube channel

STEM + EdTech Resource Review

STEM Personal and Professional Development

  • Let’s discuss 10 year goals
  • I heard a quote once about people don’t think much about what you can accomplish in 10 years. That’s when I started setting 10 year goals rather than New Year’s Resolutions. Then I set mini goals to help me reach my larger goals.
  • This week, I looked at my list dating back to 2010. I did all of them except visit all 50 states and all 7 continents which are a work in progress.
  • There were things on there like get a PhD, write a book, find someone to share my life with, compete in fitness/bodybuilding competitions, some financial goals, get a job where I get to make a difference in education, spend time in Oshkosh each summer.
  • This really showed me that when you get clear on what you want and get ultra focused, it will happen. Some things take longer than others so putting a one year time limit on some major goals isn’t going to work.
  • The number 1 question I’m asked is how I get so much done. This is how right here. I set huge, long term goals, then everything I do helps me get there!
  • What can you accomplish in the next 10 years?
  • Robin Sharma – How Billionaires Set Giant Goals
  • STEP 1 Have a clear vision and written picture of what your future will look like
    • What the people are like, what the buildings will look like, what the finances look like
    • Block the noise, say a giant yes to the few things that are important
  • STEP 2 Have a 100 year timeline
    • Act as though you’ll live another 100 years. What huge goals could you accomplish?
    • Reverse engineer the next 100 years
  • STEP 3 Morning review and nightly debrief
    • 5 minutes in the morning, look at game plan
    • At the end of the day, Did I live out my plan for the day?
    • Get those right, your life will take care of itself
  • STEP 4 Create plan with granularity
    • Lock and load. Mission is planned, now you execute
    • The more you do the better you get at doing it
    • You take your power back when you do the things you’ve been procrastinating on 
  • STEP 5 Deliberate rewarding
    • Balance
    • Build in rewards, send a message to your subconscious
    • Creates momentum
    • There’s great power in the start, when you start, life starts supporting you

from The STEMpowered Trailblazers Podcast with Dr. Heather Monthie
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