LE 113: The Art of Bystander Intervention with Dr. Liza Talusan

About Liza Talusan, Ph.D.

Dr. Liza Talusan is an educator, speaker, leader, runner, writer, life/leadership coach and parent. With over 22 years of experience in PreK-20 education, Liza is an engaging facilitator in conversations about diversity, racism, bias, privilege and power and creates environments that allow for people to discuss these difficult topics openly. Through her direct work with leaders, Liza empowers individuals to create a more inclusive organization, environment, community and team. 

Dr. Talusan has been invited to well over 100 schools and organizations across the country to deliver and facilitate keynotes, training workshops, develop ongoing strategic planning, change management, and faculty/staff development. Certified as a Professional Coach by the Institute for Professional Education in Coaching (iPEC) and having earned her Associate Certified Coaching credentials from the International Coaching Federation, Liza helps you to achieve your personal and professional goals by tapping into your strengths and vision for goal-centered life. 

Dr. Liza Talusan earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Child Development from Connecticut College; her Masters of Arts in Higher Education Administration from New York University; and her Ph.D. in Higher Education from University of Massachusetts Boston. Liza's cumulative research interests include the experiences of underrepresented populations; Asian American and Pacific Islander students; socialization to graduate programs; navigating academic parenthood; interracial relationships; recognizing and reducing unconscious bias; and the impact of federal financial aid policies. Liza's dissertation, "The Formation of Scholars: Critical Narratives of Asian American and Pacific Islander Doctoral Students in Higher Education" is available on ProQuest. Liza was the 2017 recipient of the Dissertation of the Year Award by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Asian American Special Interest Group. 

Show Highlights

  • Bystander intervention
  • Understanding how and when to intervene
  • Teaching students strategies on how to intervene
  • De-escalating situations
  • Implicit Bias
  • Intervening with colleagues

Connect with Liza

Website: www.lizatalusan.com

Twitter: @ltalusan

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins

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