Identity with Grayson Maas Transformative Principal 299

Dr. Grayson Maas is the Director of Communications for the Art of Problem Solving, a unique solution to teaching math anytime, anywhere.

  • Talking about dissertation - how we create scientific knowledge as a society - who can become a scientist and who cannot.
  • Scientific knowledge and how it gets created.
  • It’s no secret that there’s underrepresentation in science.
  • What is funneling certain groups towards science and what is not?
  • Science for all
  • Tests measure what we value.
  • Tests can be an unreliable indicator.
  • It’s a common experience that the scores you got on classes and tests to tell you if you’re smart.
  • All those tests are telling you, “are you good at that instrument on that day?”
  • Extremely difficult to identify high-ability kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Ability grouping is not a bad thing for the kids in the high group.
  • Kids know who is in different groups.
  • We need to reconfigure the labels we use.
  • For us to lose sight of kids that don’t get extra opportunities is not working for those kids.
  • It’s incumbent on us as a society to meet these kids where they’re at.
  • Providing the “right” amount of challenge.
  • We’re going to set the bar right above where you grasp it and help them reach the next level.
  • You deserve to be challenged and we’re going to make sure you get that.
  • Learning about the water cycle.
  • Their version of learning about the water cycle was a youtube water cycle rap song.
  • The kids in the low group developed low self-perception.
  • Constantly reinforce these students and tell them they are capable and can accomplish the work before them.

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