TnT 66 Jennifer Gonzalez clears up what purposeful tech integration REALLY looks like

Many newer teachers feel unprepared for integrating technology into their teaching. Their credentialing program or student teaching experience may have exposed them to some basic tech, but figuring out WHEN and WHY to use it is a different story. How can we meaningfully use tech in a way that isn't overwhelming to both us and the students? How do we know if it's actually improving outcomes? Jennifer Gonzalez from The Cult of Pedagogy and I discuss the thought processes teachers should go through when choosing tech, as well as tips before actually implementing it.   Jennifer also has an online technology course for educators, Jumpstart Plus, that will not only teach you about the 10 most impactful technology processes but also helps you implement them in your teaching. She only offers this five times a year, and the next cohort isn't until October. So click below to learn more and join hundreds of educators in their edtech journey.   JOIN JUMPSTART PLUS!   Where to find Jennifer: Love this show?


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