Social Emotional Learning (Pt. 1): "The SEL Basics" with Krista Leh

Episode 42 In the first episode in a three-part mini series on Social Emotional Learning, I interviewed Krista Leh (@krista_leh), an educator, former administrator, adjunct professor, and educational consultant specializing in SEL. We discussed what SEL is and how to incorporate it in schools and with students. For more information about this episode or to catch up on past episodes of the Leader Of Learning podcast, visit http://bit.ly/2TM3y9l. To connect with the guest, Krista Leh: Twitter - https://twitter.com/krista_leh Blog/Website: https://resonanceed.com To connect with the host, Dan Kreiness: Twitter - https://twitter.com/dkreiness Personal Instagram - http://bit.ly/2BNmcGm Podcast Instagram - http://bit.ly/2QVwjTZ Facebook Profile - http://bit.ly/2BNmcWS Facebook Page - http://bit.ly/2QZ1jCV Email - dan@leaderoflearning.com

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