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#EduDuctTape 015

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  • Today’s Guest: Jen Giffen: Jen is a Digital Literacy Consultant in Ontario, CAN. She is a Google Innovator, Sketchnoter, & co-host of #ShukesandGiff the Podcast.  Former player of the game of school, she now seeks to ensure learning is authentic and relevant, especially for struggling students.
    • Contact Info: @VirtualGiff (Twitter and Instagram), VirtualGiff.com (website)
    • Ontario EdTech Team Summit (April 6-7), Connect 2019 Conference in Niagara Falls (May 1-3), ECOO conference May 4, ISTE 2019 with Sylvia Duckworth (June 24-25)
  • #edtechbff game
    • Favorite 80s band/singer
    • Current NetFlix (or Amazon, Hulu, etc.) binge











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