Finding Focus and Having Direction without Clarity

At the core, Jaime Jay is a connector of personalities and brands. He constantly challenges himself to be a better human being. He is also an amateur hockey player and starter geek who truly enjoys helping his clients rediscover themselves, their companies and how to realize their ‘WHY’.

  • Worked with clients in Canada, the United Kingdom, America, the Philippines, other countries in Asia, and Mexico.
  • Responsible or growing and leading multiple management, sales, and operations teams.
  • Co-founded and operated a publishing company where he helped create, publish, and distribute a regional real estate publication.
  • Recipient of the Army Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service.
  • Hosted a Top 100 Business podcast in iTunes.
  • Selected to speak on marketing panel and was awarded the “Top Gun Consulting Maverick Award” in recognition o his outstanding marketing performance.


His line of business, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants, is more than just a staffing agency. They connect businesses with qualified talent who share the same love for success.

Jaime Jay Show Highlights:
  • Jaime’s entrepreneurial journey to success via focus
  • Energy givers vs distraction suckers
  • How Jaime thinks about FOCUS
  • Why Jaime downsized running four businesses to one
  • Having direction without having clarity
  • How schools can use Virtual Assistants to improve the quality of work
Jaime Jay Resources:
  • Hire a VA: Use the PROMO code  “BLBS “ to receive a discount.


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