Restorative Justice: Sue Jamback

Sue Jamback is a veteran charter principal, charter network leader, and consultant. She serves in under-resourced communities with intent to eradicate the achievement gap and turn off the tap of the school-to-prison pipeline. Her work with restorative approach has eliminated counter-productive and ineffective out-of-school suspensions while increasing academic achievement in struggling urban communities of The Bronx; Gary and Indianapolis, Lowell, Massachusetts; Dayton; and Little Rock. She imagines a day when all students, regardless of their starting place and obstacles presented successfully triumph to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. She authored The Restorative Playbook to be released in 2018. www.restorativeus.com email: sue.jamback@restorativeus.com social media: linkedin.com/in/suejamback

from StartEdUp Podcast https://soundcloud.com/don-wettrick/restorative-justice-sue-jamback