Leverage Leadership 2.0

PAUL BAMBRICK-SANTOYO is the Chief Schools Officer for Uncommon Schools and the Founder and Dean of the Leverage Leadership Institute, creating proof points of excellence in urban schools nationwide.

Author of multiple books, including Driven by Data, Leverage Leadership 2.0, Get Better Faster, A Principal Manager’s Guide to Leverage Leadership, and Great Habits, Great Readers, Bambrick-Santoyo has trained over 20,000 school leaders worldwide in instructional leadership, including multiple schools that have gone on to become the highest-gaining or highest achieving schools in their districts, states and/or countries.

Prior to these roles, Bambrick-Santoyo co-founded the Relay National Principals Academy Fellowship and spent 13 years leading North Star Academies in Newark, NJ, whose results are among the highest-achieving urban schools in the nation.  He also taught for six years in a bilingual school in Mexico City.

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo Show Highlights:
  • What Paul’s perfect day looks like
  • System for spreading great ideas
  • Expanding the experience of what excellence is
  • Professional development and leadership is only as good as  what you practice
  • Creating a school of practice
  • Codifying the best practices with leaders
  • Key skills you need to be a successful leader
  • Laser focus on the core
  • What would I do differently
  • Taking a pause to re-energize
  • Learning from those on the front lines
  • Planning backwards where every child can exceed, relentless on whether or not students are learning, and sustained involvement

“Every great teacher I’ve met, they’re at home on a Sunday night revising their lesson plan even if they have taught it for 20 years and they’re looking at a piece of student work saying that this individual student needs something new, what am I going to do differently? ” - Paul Bambrick-Santoyo




“I think what distinguishes a great school from an average school is how a leader uses their time.” - Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

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