Adrian Solgaard: Inventor, Entrepreneur, Global Citizen

Adrian Solgaard is an inventor and entrepreneur based in NYC. In this episode we talk about his journey from high school entrepreneur, to traveling through Europe, and designing Time Magazine's "2018 Best Product of the Year." You can find his "Global Citizen" products at: https://solgaard.co/ Adrian's Bio: I love making products that solve problems for people everyday, and making those available at scale. I have run 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns, raising $2 million through crowdfunding. Born to a Norwegian mother, I grew up on a farm outside of Vancouver Canada, I moved to New York in 2017 after spending 6 years living in Amsterdam, Spain, and Denmark. I embrace the term 'global citizen' and speak 5 languages. I'm on a mission towards sustainability in manufacturing, especially using recycled ocean plastics and other sustainables.

from StartEdUp Podcast https://soundcloud.com/don-wettrick/adrian-solgaard-inventor-entrepreneur-global-citizen