How one Listener took Massive Action for Incredible Results

Above all else, Scott Long is a son, a brother, a father, and a husband. These relationships inspire him to be better every single day.  Scott and his 3 1/2-year-old son Grady have a slogan they use with each other every day that best summarizes what he aspires to be for those around him, especially for his amazing wife Jessica: "Humble, Kind, Hard-working."

Scott is moved by his relationship with God to serve others as: a coach to inspire; a counselor to support; a teacher to lead; and a friend for fellowship & collaboration.  He is the Principal at Doherty Elementary in West Bloomfield, Michigan, where their mission, in partnership with families and the community, is to provide a safe place where all children learn, laugh, and grow together into lifelong learners.  The DOherty FAMILY lives this mission by behaving with four core values in mind:

  1. Rocky's Cuff Link
  2. All Hands In
  3. Finding the Marigold
  4. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

They succeed by growing together as a family, building a culture of positive abundance, providing strong systems of student support, and delivering wildly engaging instruction.

Scott has served in education for 15 years as a middle school language arts & AVID teacher, a middle school assistant principal, and now as an elementary principal.  He was the 2017 NASSP Michigan Assistant Principal of the Year, which was only made possible because of the amazing team of educators with whom he worked. He enjoys spending his free time hanging out with family, reading, working out, doing anything related to baseball, and listening to music by Switchfoot.

  Scott Long Show Highlights:
  • Are you getting inspired on the road?
  • Scott’s walking club at school
  • How Scott uses his “Life Song Page”
  • The one question Scott has heard on the podcast that he asks every day
  • Scott’s approach to creating Doherty’s sticky core values
  • Dealing with the fear of rolling out an innovative initiative
  • The exact amount of time it took Scott to create core values with his community
  • Use narratives to illustrate to what you want


“Which value is the most prevalent within our community?”

-Scott Long

  Scott Long Resources:

“Fear feeds on time”

-Scott Long

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