Gary Brackett: Super Bowl Entrepreneur

Gary Brackett is a former NFL linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts. From his days at earning a spot at Rutgers as a walk-on, to winning a Super Bowl, Gary has always had a "walk-on mentality." He was revered in Indianapolis for his workman-like qualities on and off the football field. Now Brackett is in the second phase of his career (or as his son said, his grown-up job): an entrepreneur; growing and expanding his franchise restaurant, The Stacked Pickle, to several cities in the United States. Gary also wanted to give away a signed copy of his book, "Winning." Just visit: https://ift.tt/2ubeTH5 and leave a comment under the Gary Brackett podcast announcement.

from StartEdUp Podcast https://soundcloud.com/don-wettrick/gary-brackett-super-bowl-entrepreneur