Adam Koniuszewski: Bridging Student Work to the S.D.G.'s

Adam Koniuszewski, FCPA, FCA, CFA, is active in the business and non-profits words and deeply involved in international affairs. His focus is on private sector sustainability, energy security and climate policy. Adam gained his experience finance, governance, risk management and public affair with various sectors including the “Big Four”, banking/finance, FMCG (Fortune 100) and non-profits. Adam and Margo Koniuszewski launched The Bridge Foundation as an educational initiative with activities in Switzerland, Canada and Poland to raise awareness and inspire action on global issues and SDGs. Through its “Education is a window to the World” program, The Bridge turns young leaders into informed, aware and engaged global citizens.

from StartEdUp Podcast https://soundcloud.com/don-wettrick/adam-koniuszewski-bridging-student-work-to-the-sdgs