Changing the game through Restorative Practices

Demetrius Ball is a current AP at Dougherty Valley HS. Demetrius served in the Army before becoming an educator. He met his wife in college as a freshmen at West Point and together they have 4 incredible kids. This year he has become passionate in long distance running.

Demetrius Ball Show Highlights:
  • How his military experience impacted his leadership style
  • The struggle of being a connected educator
  • How Demetrius tells the story of his school through a podcast
  • Bridging the communication gap through a podcast
  • The tools Demetrius uses for podcasting
  • Why Demetrius is a big proponent to Restorative Practices
  • How Restorative Practices deals with root causes
  • Building ownership within the staff regarding Restorative Practices
  • Are you really listening and reflecting on the conversations you are having?


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