Micromovement and Microprogress

Stefanie's graduate degree from New York University, and fieldwork at the NYU Phelps Lab for Neuroscience Research, NYU Institute for Prevention Science, and Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein College of Medicine focused on the cross-section of neuroscience, resilience and social justice. She combines a decade plus of counseling and teaching in schools and organizations across the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Africa, with insights gained from science research and training in monasteries with meditation and mindfulness teachers from Africa, the US, Vietnam and India. She now offers neuroscience workshops and consulting to universities and businesses such as Illinois State University, City Colleges of Chicago, the Chicago Teachers Union, Northwestern University's School of Education & Social Policy, Google, HPI Design School in Berlin, and school districts throughout the US, UK and Canada.   Stefanie Frank Show Highlights
  • Don’t let people feel broken
  • How to spark aha moments in students?
  • Self-directed neuroplasticity
  • Behaviors change based on the adult in the room
  • We learn expectations. We’re not born with them
  • Survival of the busiest in our mind
  • Micromovement and Microprogress
  • Polyvagal Theory & Stephen Porges 
  • Creating safety for students through connection and trust
  • Behaviorism is bad science for schools
  • Connection is the key to success with students and staff
  • Prevention vs Intervention
  • The one thing that matters MOST in every relationship
  • An amazing elevator strategy for visualization
  • How to internalize a growth mindset
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