Teachers need to stop bullying kids

Jennifer Fraser obtained her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto. A passionate educator for over twenty years, Jennifer's interests and publications revolve around transition, empathy and the harm done by educator bullying.   The last five years of research, writing and publishing have led Jennifer to recognize: We are in the midst of a scientific revolution, set in motion by fMRI and MRI technological advances, that allow us to non-invasively examine our brains and more importantly, the brains of children.    Jennifer Fraser is fascinated by the power of mindfulness and empathy---confirmed by neuroscientific research---to transform school leadership in the 21st century.   Jen Fraser Show Highlights
  • What do you do when teachers bully students?
  • School has gotten into a strange dynamic
  • We need to flip the leadership model
  • What happens when a kid’s brain is flooded with cortisol
  • The Happiness Advantage
  • Are you taking care of kids? That’s more important than your content!
  • Empathy facilitation training
  • Bullying neural pathways are a real problem
  • "Be the teacher you needed as a kid" - Dr. Clark
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