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Dr. Randy Watson was named Kansas Commissioner of Education by the Kansas State Board of Education in November 2014 and assumed his role in July 2015.

As the state’s chief education officer, he provides leadership to the Kansas State Department of Education in carrying out the policies and programs prescribed by the State Board of Education to ensure the necessary oversight and support is provided to assist Kansas schools, educators and students in achieving their goals.

Dr. Watson began his education career in 1981 as a high school social studies teacher in Tescott, KS. He has served as a high school principal and provided classroom instruction at the university level.

Most recently, Dr. Watson served the community of McPherson for 22 years — working as an assistant superintendent from 1993-2005 and as superintendent from 2005-2015.

A native of Coffeyville Kansas, Dr. Watson attended Kansas State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in science in secondary administration, staff supervision and staff development, building level certification. Additionally, he received his doctorate of education in secondary administration, school law, curriculum development and instructional leadership, and district level certification.

The recipient of many awards, Dr. Watson was named an Alumni Fellow at Kansas State and in 2015, was honored by being named the Kansas Superintendent of the Year.

Throughout his career, Dr. Watson has been sought out by schools, districts, education organizations and others for his educational insights as well as his clear thinking around the issues and challenges facing policymakers, educators and students.

Dr. Randy Watson Show Highlights:
  • How his grandma inspired him to pursue a career in education
  • In leadership you never get great, you just keep improving
  • Coaching high level teams to be a part of something bigger
  • Leadership skills that carry over from classroom > building > district > the state level
  • The question Dr. Watson asked before accepting the Commissioner position
  • The new vision for education in Kansas
  • What Dr. Watson learned interacting with statewide focus groups
  • The inspiring story of the Kansas Redesign Project
  • What educators and business people agree on concerning education
  • Do you have an inspiring vision?
  • How Dr. Watson transitioned to a trusting model of leadership
  • You need someone to tell you the truth

“Today we are going to help students be more successful than they were yesterday”

-Dr. Randy Watson

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