Sustainable Projects with Richard Kincaid Transformative Principal 216


Richard Kincaid Twitter is EcoRise’s Chief Innovation Officer and is the lead designer for project-based learning professional development program, which integrates sustainability & design thinking methodologies into the Buck Institute's PBL framework. Richard has extensive experienced in K-12 public education, as a former CTE director, campus leader, and teacher in Texas. Richard's linked in profile is here: Linkedin

  • Hill elementary eco-audit
  • Green building and performance measures. Aikens high school action plan.
  • Ongoing improvements to make sustainable projects.
  • How to teach kids to get in touch with the right people.
  • Design studio - helps teachers facilitate conversations in their classroom.
  • Empower students to seek out the right people.
  • Microgrants for kids.
  • Up to $500 per student project.
  • Small enough that kids can actually do something.
  • Looking for every reason possible to fund an application.
  • The average project funded is about $470. Average return on investment is about $4500 of bottom-line savings.
  • At the end of the day, we want kids to be engaged.
  • Put budgets together and then put it out to a group of people who can do something.
  • how to be Create a Culture where you give people permissions to fail.

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