PrincipalPLN with Jethro Jones Transformative Principal 1046

This is a cross-post for the PrincipalPLN podcast that I was on last week. I talked a lot about masterminds. Get started on that today. Give me a call!

Here are the podcasts that I have been on lately:

Planning Period Podcast with Brad Shreffler

“Jethro and Brad talk about the importance of leaders being in classrooms and coaching teachers, that we need to ask “why” way more often, being reflective and outwardly recognizing your mistakes, the power of MasterMind groups, and unlocking the genius in all of our students. It is a really great conversation, and you’ll notice a few times in there that I am literally left speechless by what he says. So, sit back and enjoy episode 37 of the Planning Period Podcast, my interview with Jethro Jones.”

Leaders of Learning with Dan Kreiness

“In this episode, I talk to principal and host of the Transformative Principal podcast Jethro Jones and talk to him about making the transition into the role of a school administrator, how to create buy-in with followers, and how to empower others.”


from Transformative Principal http://transformativeprincipal.org/episode1046