What is Truly on Your Plate with Amy Dujon Transformative Principal 209

Amy Dujon is a Practice Leader at Learning Sciences International. Prior to joining the Learning Sciences team, Amy was the Director of Leadership Development at School District of Palm Beach County, FL, and principal of Acreage Pines Elementary School in Palm Beach, FL. Her current focus is on innovative school improvement through LSI’s Schools for Rigor initiative, where they embed within struggling schools to provide professional development and other long-term guidance to help schools achieve success.

  • Through a partnership with Learning Sciences International, I changed instruction and skills at my school, and now I work with many leaders throughout the states.
  • Main focus is a high school in Maryland, meeting weekly.
  • Data cycles with teachers.
  • I’m their lifeline.
  • What stays the same and what is different in schools?
  • Typical root causes.
  • Instruction hasn’t really changed much in the last 100 years.
  • Teacher is the gatekeeper of the learning.
  • How to get kids to own their learning.
  • Get teachers to identify learning targets and success criteria.
  • Remove the teacher from the front of the classroom.
  • Plan meaningful stops in their lesson.
  • New leadership skills for principals.
  • Second order change.
  • Rewriting your script of a teacher.
  • Teacher talks, take notes, do assignment.
  • Selective abandonment
  • Protection from initiative overload
  • Push pull and nudge of change.
  • The heavy lift for teachers is in planning.
  • Strengthening core instruction and building capacity of my teachers was more important than focusing on Reader’s Workshop processes.
  • Are we successful because of our instruction, or in spite of it?
  • I’m going to give you permission to focus on other schools.
  • Let the steam out so you can continue to function.
  • Being able to help teachers see that your plate is core instruction.
  • Shifted so much off my plate that wasn’t important.
  • What are you noticing?
  • Whisper coaching.
  • How do you shift so much off your plate?
  • Some things naturally shift of my plate because the students are cognitively engaged.
  • How to be more proactive about what was happening in classrooms.
  • Secretary can filter things out for you.
  • School events.
  • Started to empower support staff to use their gifts.
  • Getting your secretary to chunk time for you.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Be the lead learner on your campus.

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