Mobile Learning with Google - GTT032

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  • Tips for Using Mobile Devices in the Classroom
    • Distractions, off-task, inappropriate uses -- But these are not new problems
    • Can bring too much to the learning experience to band altogether
    • Gives students more ownership of their learning
    • Before you begin:
      • Think about the what you are trying to achieve
      • If BYOD, survey to find out what’s available
      • Allow students to make suggestions
      • Set clear expectations
  • Pros and Cons of Mobile v. Desktop/Laptop/Chromebook
  • Features only available on mobile
  • Android Apps on Chromebooks
Resources Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag
  • Baby’s First Video Editor from Joshua Howard:
  • Tama Trotti (Atlanta, Georgia) - "Thank you very much for the information on both the CS First and Made with Code sites."
  • Nathan De Groot (Hanford, California) via SpeakPipe.
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