LIVE from ITEC 2017 - DOD003

Eric Ewald and Nick Proud are LIVE from Iowa's annual ITEC!

On this episode, Eric and Nick begin the episode by reflecting on the message of Buddy Berry from Kentucky. If you're not familiar with Buddy Berry, he has a passion for reinventing the K-12 school experience. His School on FIRE (Framework of Innovation for Reinventing Education) model is currently in its fourth full year of implementation and is seeing dramatic results.

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Eric Ewald (@EricEwald_Iowa) is an elementary school principal. Eric is happily married and a proud father. He lives in eastern Iowa. Eric is also one of the founding fathers (get it?) of #DadsAsPrincipals.

Nick Proud (@Nick_Proud) is the principal of Garner (IA) Elementary, family man, and conference presenter.



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