Escaping the Dunk Tank with Rick Jetter and Rebecca Coda Transformative Principal 194

Proactive paranoia is good paranoia.

Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter are the authors of Escaping the School Leaders Dunk Tank: How to Prevail When Others Want To See You Drown.

  • How to tell if you are being sabotaged.
  • Proactive paranoia - inner voice where you know it is not right, but you
  • It comes down to relationships.
  • You notice the behavior changes.
  • Exclusion.
  • Emotional triggers that lead to tactics.
  • Emotional driving forces - jealousy, skepticism, holding accountable.
  • Leaving out information or leaving people out.
  • What do we do when to handle it?
  • Explicitly confront or leave it alone?

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