EP110 6 ways to stop worrying about problems before they happen

In today’s episode, I’ll talk about 6 steps to stop worrying about problems before they happen. Teachers are faced with an enormous amount of stressors throughout their days, weeks, and school years. Just the possibility of being moved to another grade level or school (and in some cases having no position at all) will keep the teacher's lounge abuzz with nervous energy and speculation about who's retiring, who's taking leave, and what's going to happen to everyone else.

You see, anxiety, worry, and apprehension are completely useless emotions because they're based on potential problems in the future. Unlike fear, which is a response to problems we're facing in the present moment, anxiety does not produce anything positive. And, anticipating problems is an especially dangerous habit in the field of education, where policies and procedures seem to change on a dime for no apparent reason and against all logic. 

Listen in today to discover ways to consciously set our minds on the present reality and remind ourselves that the majority of problems we anticipate never happen.

If you struggle with teacher anxiety and found this episode helpful, I want to let you know about a new resource that you may want to check out. It’s the first new product I’ve made for teachers in three years. I’ve partnered with Dan Tricarico to create this toolkit which is a collection of audio resources called Finally Free: The teacher toolkit for conquering anxiety, overwhelm, and the pressure to do more.

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