Teachonomy Talks with Chuck Poole Joins EPN

Teachonomy Talks is a podcast brought to you by Teachonomy.com for busy teachers who want to be inspired, encouraged, and empowered each week.  Our goal is to give you nuggets of value in under 12 minutes so you can walk away energized, refreshed,  and ready for your day! 

About Teachonomy Talks

Teachonomy Talks is a weekly podcast dedicated to inspiring and empowering teachers. The goal is to equip you with ideas and insight and come alongside you on the journey we are all on together.

Chuck Poole has been teaching for 15 years and he believes teachers can change the world. Chuck understands that there are times when we feel overwhelmed and frustrated. He doesn't have all the answers and he won’t pretend that he is a master motivator or the ultimate inspiration for kids. Chuck will say though that he believes in teachers and he believes that the impact we have on a daily basis can be remarkable. His vision is to create a community for teachers where they can be inspired and empowered to do amazing things everyday!

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