Rules turn students into classroom lawyers with Tom Hierck Transformative Principal 187

Don’t try to change people, try to change behavior.


Tom Hierck can be found at his web site.

  • superintendent department of ed, 34 years in education.

  • Great educators all over the place.

  • Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment in Your Classroom

  • I have yet to meet a kid who is connected who disappoints.

  • If you build them, they will learn.

  • Learn every kid’s DNA, Dreams, Needs, Abilities

  • Start with something simple.

  • Every kid wants adult time and we should make that positive.

  • Focus on the kids

  • Kids don’t get consequenced to better behavior.

  • Don’t try to change people, try to change behavior.

  • Have adult conversations about what we are going to do with kids.

  • You can’t manage every classroom from your office.

  • Be the “Judicious Parent”

  • What is managed within and what is managed without the classroom.

  • The difference between rules and expectations.

  • What it looks like, feels, like, sounds like.

  • If we don’t model what we expect, then we should expect what we model.

  • How to work with challenging team members?

  • If everyone is nodding their head in agreement, you know somebody is leaving in disagreement.

  • Sometimes, we just follow someone and deal with what they left behind.

  • Leadership Rule #1, whether you create it or condone it, you own it.

  • How to deal with the comfortable, but not good.

  • Get clarity on our purpose.

  • Knowing the skills you have, how do you see that aligning with our purpose.

  • When it gets tough, we will turn to each other when we have clarity of purpose.

  • We do construction work in times of calm.

  • Ineffective practices = easy.

  • We have to get to the hard stuff and be willing to get messy to service 100 % of our kids.

  • How to find time. We make time for what we really believe.

  • Good collaboration takes time, but Bad collaborations takes even more time.

  • Chase time doesn’t work

  • How to be a transformative principal? Ensure that relationships are healthy and positive. Being positive doesn’t guarantee a good outcome, but being negative does guarantee a negative outcome.

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